There are many mistakes in energy efficiency operations. Fortunately, most of them are quite harmless and only lead to extra costs. Some of mistakes deceive the wrong decisions and produce mistrust. Unfortunately, part of it may have fatal consequences for people’s health and property.

The real benefits of the LED lights are discussed in daily discussions here in the Nordic countries. Many people recall how energy saving lamps only increased heat consumption. Even after the change, the lights may be more on due to the changed operating modes and the electric bill will remain at the pre-change level. Or it’s advised on adding the solar window films to reduce cooling costs as well. It’s true that th films reduce the need for cooling but, on the other hand, they will welcome the multiple heating effect on the heating season here in the cold Nordic. We can also read about mould in schools, hospitals, homes, etc. Apart from the quality of construction issues too many ventilation stops in the name of energy efficiency are too often found.

In warm countries chillers are measured and studied for weeks, even though SEER tells about its condition. There are also existing automation systems for optimizing their efficiency. Politicians have been lobbying in the EU to promote the use of inverters without identifying the fact that in most cases it only increases electricity consumption. It is not written in the Directive that more efficient technology is available.

Electric cars are praised as an alternative to the future, even though they use with very low efficiency coal produced and transferred electricity. Not to mention the use of wood as biofuel and the regeneration of the earth with oil-based fertilizer. In spite of the low tax resources, some countries pay subsidies for unprofitable wind power.

All of us professionals have probably found such unimaginable beliefs. I think everyone remembers the equivalent of doing it or recommending it. Would we like to share those experiences with each other’s delight and learning?

We could increase the credibility of the industry by increasing energy efficiency in raising know-how and raising awareness. We could improve the productivity of work and the reliability of the results, for example through digitization and a more accurate verifying and follow-up of energy savings. These could tangibly improve the value and credibility of energy efficiency.

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